Marco Petrus | News 09-04-2019 Wallpainting P19
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Retracing the Milanese tradition of collaboration between architects and artists for decoration of entrance halls of buildings, the edifice P19 designed by Carlo Donati Studio has become a source of inspiration to connect architecture and painting.
The broken lines and the chromatics of the two buildings of Via Palermo 19 in Milan have been translated into a pure composition of forms and colors through a process of abstraction.
The large wall painting (P19, 2019, enamel on drywall, 247×417 cm) characterizes the hall of the new building.


Petrus P19 Milan wallpainting
P19 Milano Donati murales Petrus
Bozzetti murales wallpainting Petrus P19 Milano
P19 Carlo Donati Studio
P19 Donati
P19 Donati wallpainting Petrus